Film Review: The Love Found in a Sweet Shop

Have you ever wondered if the choices we make are already decided for us through fate? Serendipity is the perfect example of this. Peter Chelsom brings the old idea of fate back into the light with his movie released in 2001. The actors who star in this are: John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Jeremy Penvy, Bridget Moynahan, John Corbett, and Molly Shannon. Chelsom had a budget of twenty-eight million dollars for Serendipity.

In summarization, this movie is about two young adults, Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas, who meet while shopping for christmas gifts for their significant others. They end up going to eat at a dessert place called serendipity and going skating. Instead of exchanging numbers, Sara wants to leave it up to fate to bring them back together. They leave each other sending a five dollar bill out into the world with Jonathans name and number on it, and a book with Saras name and number on it. The movie skips a couple years to when Jonathan is getting married to Halley; while Sara is getting engaged to Lars. Signs keep pointing Jonathan to Sara; he decides to start following these clues in pursuit of his one true love, Sara. Soon after Sara starts receiving signs that point to Jonathan. Shortly after she also starts following her clues in pursuit of Jonathan. After trying desperately to find each other, they both give up. Both weddings are called off because they realize that neither of them want to be with the people they were going to get married to. One night, after Jonathan finds the book with Saras name and number in it and Sara finds the five dollar bill with Jonathans name and number on it, they find each other at the skating rink.

When it comes to this movie I think that John Cusack was a great actor to portray Jonathan Trager. He has that all american rugged look to him, but his feelings reveal that he is a sensitive person. Kate Beckinsale played Sara Thomas, which was not the best choice. Sara was portrayed as care-free, but Beckinsale couldnt get that across to the viewers. She seemed worried at some points and care-free at others, which led to confusion about her personality. Saras Fiance, Lars, was played by John Corbett. When there is a competitive atmosphere for a spouse in a movie the spouse has to be on the same level of the competition, but Lars personality wasnt one that could compete because he wasnt taken seriously. Jonathans spouse, Halley, was portrayed by Bridget Moynahan. This was a good actress for this role because she is pretty, has a good personality, and can keep up with the competition. Saras best friend, Eve played by Molly Shannon, brings comedy and goofiness in an otherwise love story. Jonathans best friend, Dean played by Jeremy Penvy, brings comedy as well as a reality of what a friendship should be.

Although the actors were not perfect for the characters personalities, the vision of the director were still clearly seen. Peter Chelsom wanted a love story. It is obvious throughout the entire movie because it is based on the love that Sara and Jonathan have for each other. Chelsom also wanted comedy, which is why he included Sara and Jonathans best friends. They brought the movie to life; often reminding the viewers of an actual situation they have been in with their best friends. The last thing Chelsom had a vision of was to keep the viewers on their toes. There is a reason that Jonathan and Sara never found each other after following clue after clue. That is because Chelsom wanted to keep the viewers guessing.

The movie itself was well liked among audiences and critics. It was rated a six point nine out of ten by the audience. The critics gave it a metascore of fifty-two and mostly good reviews. In my personal opinion it is a great movie. It gives hope that there is something more to live for, and that everything happens for a reason.