Before Sunset was made in 2004

The movie Before Sunset was made in 2004 within 15 days. It was directed by Richard Linklater, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply, set in Paris France with a budget of $2.7 million. Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply play long lost love interests, Jesse and Celine. Before Sunset is a sequel to Before Sunrise in which the two, in there 20s, meet on a train, spend the whole day together and, essentially fall in love. They vow to meet up in 6 months after their departure without exchanging any contact information. 9 years later, they meet again and this takes place in Before Sunset. The director came up with the concept after experiencing it in real life. The actors would help with the script, and the three worked together in order to make this sequel. Even drawing experiences from there own personal lives to put into the screenplay.

While this movie is not action packed and necessarily attention grabbing like conventional Hollywood films, instead it seeks a more realistic and simple approach by portraying a very long drawn out and complex conversation between two people in the course of an hour and a half. Jesse and Celine walk around Paris catching up and discussing contradictions, philosophies, and experiences. Their conversations evolve into many things. It can become intimate with a personal confession or discussion of a fear. It can turn into an argument when one character has a strong disagreement. It answers many questions that can be taken from the last film like did they meet up with each other after those 6 months? and draws up new questions like will they get together this time? The level of intensity and passion tends to increase with the time, as the characters take note of how little time they have until they separate again, they begin to truly express how they really feel as the movie comes to an end. With the natural flowing conversation and the genuine confessions and shared sense of humor, the film starts to seem so realistic. Some parts may tend to get corny or too romantic and dramatic. But the story of the film is more about the conversations within it. The characters come face to face with their past and their present. They realize how much theyve grown and changed, and how much they have stayed the same. While they are both older and in relationships now, they can still talk how they did when they first met, and they discuss how each of them has affected the other within their separated time. The actors did a good job at portraying such a naturally flowing conversation with great chemistry. The film starts off with a preview of each location used throughout the movie, which are nice quiet places in Paris. As the film goes on, we see each location as Jesse and Celine stroll through it or sit down and talk. It moves quite naturally enough to also enjoy the scenery. The actors really draw you in with their moving confessions and the use of their body language and facial expressions. You start to feel empathy for the characters and see the reality of growing up and how your experiences have changed and shaped you as it all unfolds throughout the movie within this intimate conversation between former lovers. The simple scenery and the deep reveal of human emotion prove it easy to watch, and interesting as well.

The film got positive reviews and grossed $16 million worldwide. Many felt that this film was better than its prequel. I felt this film to be different than a lot of romantic films. It seems to seek out the reality of romance and the harshness of life and how to deal with it, as you get older. I found myself relating to some of the topics and thinking more deeply about the effects that people in your life have on you beyond your control. It was interesting to watch because everything was taking place in real time. The simplicity of it all made you feel like you were there just floating by listening in on the conversation. There were no flashbacks or action sequences. It was a simple film with a simple message. Growing up is complicated.