The Pursuit of Happyness by director Gabriele Muccino

My favorite movie of all time is The Pursuit of Happyness. The movie was release in 2006 by director Gabriele Muccino which featured Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. This story is based on a true story of a stock broker name Christopher Gardner, who once a homeless man became a successful Wall Street stock broker. The movie budget was 30 million US dollar and it made 307 million USD in the Box office. The movie takes place in San Francisco. The Story takes place in 1981 in San Francisco during the economic down turn which caused the federal government to run out of budget.

Chris Gardner wanders around hospitals of San Francisco hoping to sell Bone Density scanner. It gives better view then x-ray for twice the price $250. He needs to sale at least two for month rent and childcare. He cant get off that business because he has signed a contract. When Chris was wandering around he sees a smooth red Ferrari, park outside a building. He says to the owner "I got two questions for you what do you do? and how do you do it?". The guy replies "I am a stock broker". Chris is amazed to see everyone so happy and says to him self "why can't I look like them". The name of the company name is Dean Witter Reynolds. The program accepted only 20 people every month for an internship. He fills out the form and decides to turn it in personally. At home Chris is facing tough time, he is two months behind on his rent. Linda his wife has been working two shifts to keep the family off the street. Its been a month since he has applied for the internship but he hasn't gotten any call. He waits for Jay Twizel outside the building in the afternoons to trying to get him into the program. Linda tells Chris that she is leaving him with Chris Jr. He rushes home to find out that they have left. He gets call from Mr. Jay Twizel calling him for interview . The next day he goes to the daycare to look for them, then he sees Linda and yells at her saying "don't you take my son from me". Chris first saw his real father at the age of 28. He had made up his mind that his children are going to know who their father is. I have also read in the book that Chris stepfather is most of the time drunk and very abusive. He had made a promise that he would never drink and abuse his children because he didnt want his kids to go through the things he had to go through. Chris gets arrested for failure to pay parking ticket. The next day. He would have to pay the full amount or he would have to spend the night in the cell until 9:30 am. He argues he cant do that because he has interview in the morning at 10:15. He hustles to the interview wearing a broken jacket and a jeans while everybody is wearing suit and tie. He gets accepted for the internship. The internship is for 6 months and only 1 person from the class gets picked. Those who brought in the most of the money to the firm at the end of the 6 month. They were usually chosen. Chris worked only 6hrs a day since he has to pick up Chris Jr while others worked 9hrs a day. In order to not waste any time he doesnt hang up the phone, he doesnt get up to drink or use bathroom. Its been 2 months and he hasnt got any client yet. After 4 months he sells all the bone density scanner. The government takes all his money from his bank account because he hadnt been paying tax, leaving him with 21 dollar on his bank account. When they are back in the hotel he sees their stuff outside the door. They now have nowhere to go. They both spends the night in a subway bathroom. Chris goes to work with his extra suit hanging on his back and other spare cloths in his suit case. He has to get his work done quickly and hustle to the homeless shelter in order to get a room. Chris also sells his blood to make some money. He gives his final test. The next day they both go to the beach away from the city and away from the noise. Chris very nervous sits in the office, sweat runs across his forehead. He gets call inside by the partners and they all congratulate him. He gets out of the building tears rolling down his eyes, goes to his son.

When we are facing struggles in our life we need to know that it is not the end. There is something we can hope for. Chris Gardner coming up from poor family and didn't have any good influence on life. In the book he writes he hanged out with friends and went to peoples houses and stole TV's. Through out Chris's childhood he had to struggle. In the book he also says that he was raped by some guy who had come to rob at his house when on one was home. The movie earned 307 Billion Dollar on Box Office. IMDb has rated 8/10 which I say is not bad how ever I think it should've been at least 8 or 10 out of 10. I think both Smiths has done very fantastic job on the movie. It is very emotional and very inspiring I recommend others to watch it.