Troy directed by Wolfgang Peterson

My favorite movie is Troy, directed by Wolfgang Peterson in the middle of 2004 with a budget of 175 million dollars. Starring Brad Pitt playing Achilles, Erica Bana starring as Hector, Prince of Troy, and Orlando Bloom as Paris, as the second Prince of Troy. The movie retells the story of the Iliad by Homer written almost 3,000 years ago.

The movie sets off with showing Helens husband Menelaus finding out that his wife has been stolen from him by people who claimed to have come for peace, he goes to his brother Agamemnon. Agamemnon tells Menelaus that he will help him but has an ulterior motive, he wants more power. Agamemnon quickly gathers 50,000 Greeks, put them on 1,000 ships and heads to Troy. Agamemnon knows that he cannot win this war without the help of the undefeated Achilles and his followers so he asks for his allegiance.

When coming upon the shores of Troy, Achilles carries on to fight the Trojans on the beach while the rest of the Greeks stay on their ship. While raiding the temple of Apollo, the sun god Achilles men find a woman, Briseis to entertain Achilles, he later learns that shes the niece of Priam, King of Troy. That night Paris makes the decision that he and Menelaus will fight against each other one on one, and the winner can have Helen and take her home. So the next day the Greeks rode out to the gates of Troy but Achilles chose not to fight due to Agamemnon taking Briseis. Menelaus and Paris begin to fight and almost immediately Paris has a sword in his leg causing his to trip on a rock and he begins to crawl back to his older brother. Hector then intervenes and kills Menelaus, destroying the deal previously made.

That night, Briseis is being brutalized and passed around by Greeks because Agamemnon is try to rally their support since the reason that they are in Troy is now dead. Achilles hears her screams and begins to fight the men involved, he then picks her up and carries her to his hut. He cleans her up and explains to her that the gods are jealous of men, because they get to die and that makes everything more beautiful. Later that night Briseis puts a dagger to Achilles throat and he tells her to do it, but she cant then they make love for the first time. Achilles tell his men that they are leaving in the morning, because hes had enough of war in his life.

Just as dawn arrives, the Trojans ambush the Greeks with dunes and flaming arrows. A soldier who appears to be Achilles rallies his men and goes toward Hector to engage in combat. All the soldiers surround them in a circle and shout for the man fighting for them. Hector slits Achilles neck with his sword, he then falls, trying to breath. Hector takes off his helmet to find out that its not Achilles that he just slain but Patroclus, the younger cousin of Achilles. Hector then returns to the palace and confesses to his wife what hes done and that he fears that all Trojans will pay for it.

Achilles burns his young cousin and gives him a proper funeral, placing two coins on his eyes as fair for the ferryman. The next morning, Achilles is out for Hectors blood but Briseis begs him not to go for he will be killing her cousin, but he replied asking what about this cousin. Hector and Achilles meet up so they can fight and Achilles takes off his helmet and throws it to the ground so that Hector can know who he is fighting. Hector tries to explain that he thought it was Achilles that he was fighting, not his younger cousin. Achilles ends up putting a spear through Hectors chest, before using his sword on his body. He then straps Hectors feet to his chariot and rolls around so that all Trojans can know that he has killed their next King and their greatest warrior.

That night, Priam visits Achilles and kisses his hands he explains to Achilles that he has done something no other man in history has done, kissed the hands of the man who killed his son. Priam then asks him to return his son so that he may bury him proper so his soul may know peace. Achilles reluctantly agrees and also says that he might have 12 days so that Troy may properly mourn for the Great Hector. After the 12 days, it appears that the Greeks have left, leaving behind a large wooden horse.

When the city quiets down for the night, men fall from the horse and have come to burn the city of Troy. Priam is praying to Apollo for reasoning while Agamemnon comes behind him and slits his throat. Though Achilles only came to look for Briseis, he sees her being grabbed by Agamemnon and sprints to save her. While Agamemnon is taunting her, Briseis stabs him in his neck. Achilles goes to help her when he is shot with an arrow to his heal from Paris, then again in the chest. He falls confessing to Briseis that she was his peace in a lifetime of war.

Odysseus watches Achilles funeral and thinks, If they ever tell my story, let them say I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Hector, tamer of horses. Let them say I lived in the time of Achilles. To me, all the actors performed brilliantly, giving the movie and real feel to it. In my opinion this film explains how love is a powerful force matched by none. It displays how love can start wars, burn cities and save souls. But most importantly, love can make you immortal.